This was sent to me written in a Thank you card. 10/01/2002.

The story;

I was asked to produce a family portrait painting using oil paints on canvas. The photos given to me were all passport sized, so that they would not be missed as this was a surprise birthday gift for New Years Day. I was commissioned on Christmas Eve. The painting was an A3 canvas and the frame made whilst I was still painting. I handed the painting over to a very grateful man two days before the deadline with the paint still wet. His wife, Linda wrote the following.


"Dear Jx,

I feel I must write to you to thank you so much for the beautiful portraits

you did for me.

The portraits actually fascinate me as each time I look at them I feel I can see something different in them. Mark is particularly striking and the resemblance to him is incredible. As he is away at university I love looking at him!

Paul is quite a deep, serious person and although you don't know him I feel you have captured some of his characteristics.

With Bethany I feel the eyes and cheekbones are perfect and I like the way you have painted her hair, flicked behind her ears.


You are incredibly talented to be able to paint from a series of random photographs.

Thank you so much."


Linda Sayers.