Our family was devastated to lose one of our three irreplaceable daughters, Jenni, to ovarian cancer in December 2014.


She had qualified as a chartered management accountant several years previously, but only actually recieved her qualification certificates shortly before she died.


We had been planning to arrange for a graduation picture to be done in order that her picture could then join the graduation pictures that we already have in our home of our other 2 daughters. Sadly, she was far too ill for this to take place.


We have been extremely fortunate however, in that our eldest daughter Jane, knows Jx, and asked him if it would be possible for him to produce a graduation picture based on a range of photographs of her sister.


Jx has been able to produce a quite remarkable portrait compiled from a collage of photographs of our daughter Jenni, and also from her sister's graduation photographs on which to base the style of portrait.


He has somehow managed to really capture Jenni's spirit and personality in the portrait, which must have been a significant challenge, considering that the photographs he was working from were so diverse and had to be interpreted to make the graduation portrait work.


We are absolutely thrilled with the piece of art that Jx has given us.


It has provided a very moving testament to a significant achievement from Jenni's professional career that we were unable to fully celebrate with her during her life, as we had originally hoped.


It has provided us with a lasting tribute to her, and we are so grateful to Jx for committing both his time and his considerable artistic talent to making this a reality for us.


John and Cathy Tierney

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