Born in the City of Salford, UK.  The natural ability to paint and draw has been with me from a very young age and being able to pick up a pen/pencil and draw was a natural, given talent.

From the age of five I was producing artwork and recieving recognition.


At the age of seven I produced for school a piece of work for a topic on "No Smoking." Drawn at home and copied from a comic specially supplied to schools on the subject, I created a drawing of the Superman character (above right) on a piece of cardboard box with only a biro-pen. My teacher, displayed the work for the whole school to see, and so my artwork journey and recognition began. At high school I produced much more detailed work and recieved accolade along with prizes.


After leaving school, served an apprenticeship in the print trade as a originator and dark room technician, but eventually re-trained as a practicle-vehicle engineer. This lead me to work in the motor trade within the UK and USA, however, continued to produce portraits and artwork for charity & for fun in my spare-time.


Now my focus is producing detailed portraits, using pencil or oil paint.

In addition to painting personal portraits also accept equestrian & pet commissions.

I so enjoy the work I do and love the challenge of trying to capture some of the personality of the person or pet you have asked me to paint or draw. Most of all I love to see your reaction when the portrait is revealed. Nothing else compares to that moment.

"As a portrait artist it is my aim to create portraits that are an essence of the actual person whilst striving to capture not only the physical aspect but the character of whom I am drawing or painting."